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Campbell's Hollow is dedicated to my mother, Jeanne Thomson. She lived out her last 7 months of life here with us before she died of ovarian cancer. With her encouragement, she helped turn our dream of sharing the beauty of Campbell's Hollow into a reality.

I feel very privileged to have known her and been her daughter. She was a woman with a real zest for life. Among her many talents was writing poetry. I would like to share a few with you.

View Mom's Poetry


History of Campbell's Hollow

The property that is now known as Campbell's Hollow was founded in 1960 by a young husband and father named Hubert Sudlow. At the age of 21, he built the original home that we call Homestead Cottage. Mr. Sudlow later moved the red barn from nearby Enterprise and constructed the garage. He remained on the original 21 acres until 1974 when he sold to the Wolfrey family.

The Wolfreys' turned the property into "Animal Crackers", a small type zoo. The small concrete pads that you may notice on the property, such as the basketball court, had cages that housed such critters as bears, tigers, and a cougar. The cottage that we call "Jeannies" was constructed in 1979, because Mrs. Wolfrey did not like the fact that lions often slept in the main house. Neighbors have mentioned that the animals would frequently escape and roam the woods.

The property was sold again in 1981 to the Harris family.

In 1990, Janet and Gary became the new owners. The property went through a series of changes and Campbell's Hollow was opened in 1997 with Jeannies Cottage. In 1998, the 2 cozy cottages, Brookside and Valleyview were constructed.

During the fall of 1999, the property East of Voris Road was purchased from Mr. Les Johnson. The following spring, "Ridgeview" was opened in it's own private setting on the 20 acre plot. Gary and Janet now live on the East side of Voris Road at 9524. The original home has been converted to "Homestead Cottage."

Please make yourself welcome and enjoy the property that has become ours. We hope that you will find it to be a special place. We also hope that you find this brief history interesting.

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